What is ironic about Paul’s death?

Yes, Paul’s death is ironic because his mother was completely selfish. He died because of her. He was tryingto help her so she could have all she needed. She was at a party while he was getting sicker and sicker.

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Furthermore, what is ironic or dramatically unexpected about the books ending? The irony at the end of All Quiet on the Western Front is that Paul, the main character and narrator of the book, is killed right before the end of the war. Paul’s death, then, is ironic because it occurs before the outbreak of peace. But it also underscores a key point that Remarque is attempting to make.

In this manner, how does Kropp die?

Kropp has been wounded very close to his knee. He resolves to commit suicide if they amputate his leg. Kropp’s fever does not improve, so his leg has to be amputated from the thigh. Men die daily at the hospital.

How does Muller die in all quiet?

In Erich Maria Remarque’s famed anti-war novel, All Quiet on the Western Front, Muller demonstrates the mindset that was necessary for survival in the war. Sadly, Muller doesn’t survive the war and is killed by a pistol shot. He gives Paul, the narrator, his prized boots as he dies.

Does Himmelstoss die?

All of the boys are exhausted, injured, miserable, but there they are, day after day, fighting and dying for the Fatherland, while Himmelstoss, gutless Himmelstoss, survives.

Why does Paul get a fourteen day rest?

Paul says if there is not peace this time, there will be a revolution of the soldiers. Why does Paul get a fourteen day rest? He has swallowed a bit of gas. He is finally at peace and calm, almost glad that the end had come.

How is Paul Killed in All Quiet on the Western Front?

Although the book does not describe how Paul died, the 1930 cinematic version of All Quiet on the Western Front does attempt to fill in the blanks. In the film, Paul is shot dead by a French sniper as he calmly and carelessly reaches out of his trench in an attempt to touch a butterfly.

Who died in All Quiet on the Western Front?


Who dies in Chapter 11 of All Quiet on the Western Front?

Bertinck, who has served as a worthy example for two years, dies while combating a flamethrower. The shot that hits his chin veers into Leer’s hip and he bleeds to death. Paul bitterly recounts, “What use is it to him now that he was such a good mathematician at school.”

What is Paul like as a character?

Paul is a compassionate and sensitive young man; before the war, he loved his family and wrote poetry. Because of the horror of the war and the anxiety it induces, Paul, like other soldiers, learns to disconnect his mind from his feelings, keeping his emotions at bay in order to preserve his sanity and survive.

How old is Paul Baumer in all quiet?


What does Paul predict for his generation does his prediction come true?

Paul predicts that his generation will be forgotten and “shall fall into ruin”. Paul’s prediction does come true because his generation is called the “lost generation”.

Who is Tjaden in all quiet?

Tjaden is Paul’s friend in All Quiet on the Western Front. Only a teenager when he joins the war, he is mistreated by officers, especially Himmelstoss, and in his youthful immaturity he harbors a grudge against the officer.

What happens to Albert Kropp?

Albert Kropp is the resident philosopher of Paul’s company. Kropp’s fate is uncertain. His leg is severely wounded, and he tells Paul that he’s rather commit suicide than go through life as an amputee. After spending a long time in the military hospital, his leg is cut off and he becomes withdraw and blank.

Who is Kantorek in all quiet?

Kantorek is an old schoolmaster of Paul, who is the narrator in Erich Maria Remarque’s All Quiet on the Western Front. Kantorek encourages his students to join the German army through propaganda. Paul feels Kantorek misled them and gave them no useful skills or information to use during their time in the war.

Who is Corporal Himmelstoss?

Corporal Himmelstoss – A noncommissioned training officer. Before the war, Himmelstoss was a postman. He is a petty, power-hungry little man who torments Paul and his friends during their training. Read an in-depth analysis of Corporal Himmelstoss.

What chapter does Paul go on leave?

Chapter 7 of All Quiet on the Western Front, explores Paul’s emotions while on leave. As he interacts with his family, the people of his hometown, and his old life, he realizes that he will never be the same. It is apparent to him now just how much he has changed from the person he used to be.

What happens at the hospital after Paul and Kropp are each wounded in the leg?

Two wounded soldiers, who also have flat feet, arrive, but a wise fellow patient warns them not to undergo an operation for their feet; they will be crippled for life. Nevertheless, the surgeon bullies them into having the surgery. Kropp’s leg is amputated at the thigh.