What is an old trunk worth?

With the above information in consideration the average American made trunk is worth about 100 to 300 depending on the style, size and condition. If fully restored prices can be anywhere from $400 to $900. Most french made trunks will bring over $2,000 or more.

The average canvas-covered, flat-topped trunk in ‘as-found’ condition (most of the canvas is there, handles are broken, tray inside, smells like mothballs, has someone’s name on the ends, some rust here and there) is worth about $100 to $200 un-refinished.

Also Know, how do you restore old rusted metal trunks? Rub the rust in a circular motion with steel wool, remembering that steel and tin, which are harder, may require a wire brush, while brass, which is softer, might be quickly restored with steel wool. Still, a heavy buildup of rust on brass might require the wire brush.

In respect to this, how much is a vintage steamer trunk worth?

We’ve sold a few nice vintage steamer trunks,and unless you know exactly how the person buying it is going to want it refinished, the best way to sell it is pretty much “as is”. Depending on condition and age, they can go from $20 to $100 in “as is” condition.

How do you restore an old leather trunk?

Go to a saddle shop or farm store and get some saddle soap and a soft cloth for applying the saddle soap. Apply all over, and wipe it off. Re-apply a second coat and wipe it clean again. Also, don’t put any water on it at all.

How do you get the musty smell out of an old trunk?

Vinegar is a natural odor absorber and neutralizer that will help rid the trunk of odor. Leave the bowl of vinegar inside the trunk overnight. Add a fresh smell to the inside of your trunk, if desired. Remove the bowl of vinegar, then place a few fabric softener sheets inside the trunk.

Why are they called steamer trunks?

Steamer trunks (named after their location of storage in the cabin of a steam ship, or “steamer”) which are sometimes referred to as flat-tops, first appeared in the late 1870s, although the greater bulk of them date from the 1880–1920 period.

What does Gibraltarized mean?

“Gibraltarized” apparently means “framed in steel so it’s too heavy to move.” Seriously.

What is a Jenny Lind trunk?

Jenny Lind trunks are some of the rarest and most sought-after trunks due to their beauty, history and association with the “Swedish Nightingale”. Jenny Lind (1820-1887) was the most popular singer of the 1800s. Furniture, trunks, and many household items as well as buildings and even towns were named for her.

How much is an antique cedar chest worth?

Online auction sites, antique shops and secondhand stores often sell Lane cedar chests — based on their age, condition or rarity — starting at $99 and as high as $700 or more for older chests. But most chests, on average, are valued between $200 and $400.

What is a military foot locker?

A footlocker is a cuboid container used by soldiers or other military personnel to store their belongings. They are known as footlockers because they are a type of locker which is usually located at the foot of a soldier’s bunk or bed.

How do you clean an old steamer trunk?

Warning Sweep the inside of the steamer trunk out. Mix up a 1/2 cup of Murphy’s Oil Soap in a bucket of warm water. Place the steamer trunk in a cool, dry, well-ventilated location for a few days. Smell the inside of the old steamer trunk. Clean stubborn mold from the inside of an old steamer trunk with diluted bleach.

What was a steamer trunk used for?

Flat-top trunks, or steamer trunks, were designed to makes these pieces of luggage easier to store on steamboats or trains. What people think of as steamer trunks today were once called “packers”—the even smaller “cabin trunks” or “true steamer trunks” were the most practical pieces for ship or train travel.

How do you clean an old trunk canvas?

How to Clean the Canvas on Antique Trunks Brush the canvas covering with a clean, short-bristled paint brush. Attach the brush attachment to a vacuum and carefully vacuum the surface. Pay careful attention to crevices. Wet a sponge and squeeze out excess water. Dab dirty spots lightly with the damp sponge.

How do you refinish a steamer trunk?

The refinishing process is a time-consuming project, but well worth results. Place the steamer trunk on a flat, solid work place and open the lid. Mix a solution of four cups water and 1/4-teaspoon mild soap thoroughly. Spray the interior of the steamer trunk.

How do you get mothball smell out of an old trunk?

Use equal parts of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle, spray inside of trunk, keep closed overnight, then air it out.

Can you paint an old trunk?

The metal surface on your old trunk must be properly prepared to accept the new coat of primer, paint and clear coat. You must also be very patient when working with spray paints. Ample drying times and cure times must always be followed or extended depending on condition.