What does Paul predict for his generation does his prediction come true?

What does Paul predict for his generation? Does his prediction come true? That they are so weary and broken at this point that only a few will acclimate to the future at home, but most will submit and be bewildered by what is supposed to be normal existence.

Paul Baumer On Leave After months on the front lines, Paul is given leave to go home and visit his family. He feels uncomfortable on his way home; he is emotionally and mentally changed by his experiences in the war. When he meets people as he ventures home, they treat him especially well because of his uniform.

Also, why do the men feel hostile towards Ginger? He resists in giving them the extra rations and continually makes them come back from the fighting to get their own food whereas other cooks bring it up to the men at the front.

People also ask, how does Paul and Kropp get revenge on Himmelstoss?

Paul and Kropp get revenge on Himmelstoss by spilling a latrine-bucket on him. According to Paul, what is the finest thing to arise from the war? The fact that Kemmerich and Paul knew each other well before the war and Kemmerich’s mom told Paul to protect Kemmerich makes Kemmerich’s death so personal for Paul.

What do Paul and Kat wish to do for him why don’t they do it?

The soldier gets injured when a coffin lands on top of him after it is blown up a the shelling. Paul and Kat want to put him out of his misery–to shoot him, but they don’t because the other soldiers begin to gather around as they appear from their trenches.

Why does Paul say he should never have gone on leave?

Why does Paul say he should never have had a leave? It is only a pause which makes everything after it so much worse. Out on the front he was able to block all emotion out to be hopeless yet indifferent.

Why does Paul regret coming home on leave?

Because his mother is very ill, Paul realizes he will probably never have the opportunity to tell her all that is in his heart. With these thoughts, he regrets coming home, because as long as he remained indifferent and hopeless he survived.

How does Paul die in all quiet?

Although the book does not describe how Paul died, the 1930 cinematic version of All Quiet on the Western Front does attempt to fill in the blanks. In the film, Paul is shot dead by a French sniper as he calmly and carelessly reaches out of his trench in an attempt to touch a butterfly.

How does the troop manage to live well for a few days?

How does the troop manage to live well for a few days? They are supposed to guard a village that has been abandoned because it is being shelled to heavily. They cook everything up while still under fire and then escape to a basement shelter in the village where they have also moved a very nice bed to for sleeping.

What is Paul like as a character?

Paul is a compassionate and sensitive young man; before the war, he loved his family and wrote poetry. Because of the horror of the war and the anxiety it induces, Paul, like other soldiers, learns to disconnect his mind from his feelings, keeping his emotions at bay in order to preserve his sanity and survive.

How did Tjaden die?

There’s a good reason for this: Himmelstoss humiliates Tjaden during basic training, because Tjaden has a problem with bed-wetting. Tjaden’s story ends a little differently than the rest of his friends’ dohe doesn’t die. (At least in this novel.

What does Kantorek call the soldiers?

In Chapter 1, one of the soldiers, Kropp, receives a letter from Kantorek calling soldiers like himself members of the “Iron Youth.” Given how he has been exposed to the horrors of war, he repudiates with, “Iron Youth! Youth!

How did Joseph Behm die?

Behm didn’t want to join the war, but he allowed himself to be persuaded by authority figures (teachers and parents) to enlist. His inability to say “no” costs him his life early in the novel. He dies a painful, hideous death: he’s hit in the eye and left for dead.

How does Paul react to Kat’s death?

How does Paul respond to Kat’s death? He is delirious and hopeless. He can barely stand, and his eyes nearly role back in his head.

Why does Tjaden have a special grudge against Himmelstoss?

Tjaden has a special grudge against Himmelstoss, because of the way he educated him in the barracks. Tjaden is a bedwetter. Himmelstoss tried to cure him by finding another bedwetter and meking them sleep in the same bunk. One would sleep on the top one night, the other on the next.

Does Himmelstoss die?

Not only this, but Himmelstoss is moved to the front lines, and in Chapter 6, he shows himself to be a true coward by hiding in the trench, when even the new recruits are fighting and, yes, dying.

What special ability does Kat have?

Powers and Abilities Kat is a shifter, a person who is able to manipulate and produce gravity, at will.

What happens to the goose stolen by Kat and Paul?

Kat kills it quickly, and they retreat to an unused lean-to to cook it, eating quickly for fear of their theft being discovered. They keep the feathers to make pillows. Paul feels an intimate closeness with Kat as they roast the goose. They eat their fill and take the rest to Tjaden and Kropp.

How was Himmelstoss received when he arrived at the front?

Himmelstoss is portrayed as a cruel martinet, a parade ground soldier who is abusive to the young men during their training. Tjaden receives only a few day’s arrest and a “long sermon,” and Himmelstoss is rebuked by the officers, who remind him that he is not on the parade ground anymore.