Is Uglies a good book?

What makes Uglies great, besides how it looks at cultural values, is Westerfeld’s use of language. The novel is not pretentious or brash. Instead, Westerfeld creates a narrative voice that is really unique—especially for a sweeping sci-fi saga like the Uglies trilogy.

An excellent read aloud for the summer! After seeing the 11+ age rating, I chose to read the book aloud to my two children (ages 9 and 12). “Uglies” is the first of a triligy by Scott Westerfeld.

Likewise, how many pages does the book Uglies? 425

Thereof, what is the message of the book Uglies?

One major theme of the novelUglies” by Scott Westerfeld is beauty comes from within, and not the outer appearance. This is primarily developed throughout the main character Tally Youngblood. This theme is also established throughout conflict, plot, characterization, and setting.

What grade level is uglies?

Uglies (Uglies Trilogy)

Interest Level Reading Level ATOS
Grades 6 – 8 Grades 3 – 12 5.2

What age group is the book matched for?

The novel is a dystopian young adult novel about a tightly-controlled society in which young people are “matched” with their life partners at the age of 17. The main character is seventeen-year-old Cassia Reyes, who is Matched with her best friend, Xander Carrow.

What is the lexile of uglies?

Uglies Guided Reading Level Z Lexile® Measure 770L DRA Level 70

What are the groups in uglies?

Social age groups Littlies. Littlies are young, cute, and innocent children. Uglies. New Pretties. Middle Pretties. Late Pretties. Specials (Optional) The Pretty Cures. The Special Cure.

What happens in the book Uglies?

In Uglies, all sixteen-year-old children are required to have cosmetic surgery that will make them “pretty.” Tally Youngblood cannot wait to become pretty, but her life changes when she meets Shay, a girl who wants to remain “ugly.” Tally lives in a dystopian future where everything is provided for by the city.

What is the conflict in uglies?

Throughout the book shows two different main conflicts. One is Man vs Society and Man vs Self. Tally the main character was fighting with herself, she couldn’t aspect herself the way she is. Her friend Shay, kept telling her that she not ugly and the society wants you to think you are.

What are some themes in the book Uglies?

Uglies Themes Appearance. In Uglies, appearance is right where it should be: out in the open. Friendship. Friendship is the flip side of loneliness: when you have people you can talk to and pull pranks with, you feel less lonely. Society and Class. Man and the Natural World. Betrayal. Memory and the Past. Identity. Coming of Age.

What kind of book is uglies?

Novel Science Fiction Young adult fiction Fantasy Fiction Dystopian Fiction

Will uglies be made into a movie?

Uglies is currently optioned to be a movie, or possibly a series of movies if the first one does well. To “option” a book is Hollywood-speak for buying the exclusive right to make a movie based on it. But the buyers don’t have to make a movie. Most options never go anywhere, in fact.

Where is uglies set?

There are three important things about the setting: It takes place in the future, about 300 years after some sort of disaster destroys the old civilization (24.60). It takes place partly in an unnamed city and partly in a small town in the wilderness called the Smoke.

What genre is the Uglies series?

Young adult fiction Science Fiction Fantasy

Does tally become pretty?

Tally is a fifteen-year-old ugly, waiting to turn sixteen when she will finally become pretty from an operation most Uglies get.

What happens at the end of uglies?

The horror!) David’s mom has come up with a way to cure the brain damage, but she needs a willing volunteer. Tally feels so guilty that she volunteers. The book ends with Tally confessing to David how she’s responsible and giving herself up to the city authorities.

What is Tally’s last name in uglies?

Usually people only say Tally’s last name when she’s in trouble (in that parental way, as in, “Get back in this house, Scott David Westerfeld!”), which makes it especially appropriate.

What are the rusty ruins?

The rusty ruins are the remains of an old city that was inhabited by rustys. It is now abandoned and most people do not venture out there because it is beyond city limits. It is filled with empty, decaying steel buildings and abandoned cars on the road. It also has railroad tracks and an amusement park.