How do I change the chuck on my Hitachi cordless drill?

Look inside the center of the chuck and locate the Phillips-head screw that secures the chuck to the spindle. This screw is a left-hand screw. Turn the screw clockwise with a Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the screw. Insert the short end of a large Allen wrench into the chuck just like you would a drill bit.


  1. Remove the screw in the center of the chuck. Loosen the jaws of the chuck to their widest extent.
  2. Insert an Allen wrench into the chuck.
  3. Set the gearbox to the lowest setting.
  4. Tap the Allen wrench with a mallet.
  5. Remove the chuck by hand.
  6. Replace thread-locking fluid on the screw (recommended).
  7. Mount the new chuck.

Similarly, how do you tighten a drill chuck? Insert the drill bit into the drill chuck. Tighten the drill chuck only by hand until it clicks several times. Rotate the chuck back the opposite way, until you hear and feel one, single click. Once you hear and feel the last click, the drill bit is locked securely into place.

Subsequently, one may also ask, how do you remove a keyless drill chuck?

Hold the drill down firmly on a solid workbench, then insert the chuck key and hit it sharply with a mallet (turning it counterclockwise) to loosen the drill chuck from the threaded spindle. You may have to repeat this several times to loosen stubborn chucks. Unscrew the old drill chuck.

What is the chuck on a drill?

A chuck is a specialized type of clamp used to hold an object with radial symmetry, especially a cylinder. In drills and mills it holds the rotating tool whereas in lathes it holds the rotating workpiece. Many jawed chucks, however, are of the keyless variety, and their tightening and loosening is by hand force alone.

How do you remove a chuck from a Ridgid cordless drill?

Insert a 5/16 in or larger hex key into the chuck and tighten securely. Rap the hex key sharply with a Mallet in a clockwise direction. This will loosen the screw in the chuck for easy removal. Remove the hex key from the chuck then remove the chuck screw with a screw driver in a clockwise direction.

How do you get a stuck drill bit out of a keyless chuck?

Tighten the vice around the front of the chuck first. Turn counter-clockwise using a large pair of Channellock pliers around the large part of the chuck assembly – the bit should then come out. Put the chuck assembly back on. Hold the base part of the drill chuck with your hand.

How does a keyless drill chuck work?

Keyless chucks are engineered to quickly loosen and tighten a tool on the chuck collar of the drill, either by manual operation or when torque is applied. Rotating the chuck collar in a counterclockwise direction will loosen the tool.

What is a keyless chuck drill?

Drill chucks are used to hold drill bits for drilling operations of all kinds. Keyless drills eliminate the need for a chuck key to tighten and loosen the jaws to remove or place a drill bit and have both good and bad aspects over traditional keyed chucks.

How do you get a drill bit out of a drill that is stuck?

Steps Locate the chuck at the end of the drill. The chuck is the part of the drill that holds the bit in place. Rotate the chuck counterclockwise. Set the bit aside so that you don’t lose it. Unscrew the chuck if it’s is stuck. Turn the chuck counterclockwise with a wrench if it’s stuck.

How do you remove a Jacob Chuck?

Place the drill on a table with the chuck facing you and strike to end of the Hex wrench sharply 2 to 3 times counterclockwise (Fig. 5) with a soft-ended hammer or mallet. Continue to loosen and remove the old drill chuck from the spindle by hand. Remove the 1/4″ Allen from the old chuck.

How do you use a chuck key?

Method 2 Using a Chuck Key Insert the chuck key. If your drill came with a chuck key, you’ll need to use this in order to loosen the chuck. Turn the chuck key counterclockwise. As you turn the key, the jaws on the chuck will begin to open. Remove the bit. Insert a bit. Tighten the chuck.

How do I remove the chuck from my Hitachi drill?

Lay the drill on its side with the long portion of the Allen wrench pointing to the left. Strike the Allen wrench hard with a mallet to loosen the chuck from the spindle. Open the chuck enough to remove the Allen wrench, and turn the chuck counterclockwise to remove the chuck from the drill.