Did Shirley Temple ever marry?

At just 17 years old, Shirley Temple married Sergeant John Agar of the USAAF. They had one daughter. The marriage ended 6 years later. Temple went on to marry Charles Black in 1950.

She appeared in 29 films from the ages of 3 to 10 but in only 14 films from the ages of 14 to 21. Temple retired from film in 1950 at the age of 22.

Shirley Temple
Years active 1932–65 (as actress) 1967–92 (as public servant)
Spouse(s) John Agar ( m. 1945; div. 1950) Charles Alden Black ( m. 1950; died 2005)

Furthermore, what age did Shirley Temple get married? In 1945, at the age of 17, Shirley Temple married John Agar, who launched an acting career of his own and appeared with her in two films.

Similarly, you may ask, who did Shirley Temple marry?

Charles Alden Black m. 1950–2005 John Agar m. 1945–1950

How long were Shirley Temple and John Agar married?

7. Before she became Shirley Temple Black, she was married to John Agar, a soldier and fellow actor. She was just 17 when she wedded Agar, and while the marriage lasted only four years, it produced a daughter named Linda.

What was Shirley Temple’s net worth?

Shirley Temple net worth and salary: Shirley Temple was an American film and television actress, singer, dancer and author who had a net worth of $30 million. Shirley Temple Black was born on April 23, 1928 in Santa Monica, California to a homemaker mother and a banker father.

Did Shirley Temple die?

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Why wasnt Shirley Temple in Wizard of Oz?

Temple Black’s obituaries reference her connection to the 1939 film classic The Wizard of Oz, and told how she was the “first choice” to play Dorothy. Shirley Temple did in fact have an Oz connection, but one that requires clarification in lieu of urban mythology.

Who was Shirley?

Shirley Anita Chisholm (née St. Hill; November 30, 1924 – January 1, 2005) was an American politician, educator, and author. In 1968, she became the first black woman elected to the United States Congress, and she represented New York’s 12th congressional district for seven terms from 1969 to 1983.

What year did Shirley Temple die?

February 10, 2014

Why was Shirley Temple so popular?

Shirley Temple is a very well-known actress, and her name continues to be remembered for her accomplishments on the big screen and in politics. Delving into her career in politics, she served as a US delegate to the United Nations in 1969. If that’s not impressive enough, she also served as a US ambassador.

What happened to Shirley Temple Black?

Death and Legacy. Temple died on February 10, 2014, at her home near San Francisco, California. She was 85 years old. In March 2014, her death certificate cited the cause of her death as pneumonia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Why did Shirley Temple divorce?

Temple sued for divorce on the grounds of mental cruelty in 1949. The two were divorced on December 7, 1950. After the divorce, Agar had little contact with his daughter with Temple.

Did Shirley Temple have MS?

World Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Day shared a photo. Today we remember Shirley Temple Black. She is most famous for her work as a diplomat and screen actor. However, she also played a key role in the foundation of our federation.

What is Shirley Temple’s real name?

Shirley Jane Temple

What is a Shirley Temple Black?

Shirley Temple Black It is a non-alcoholic beverage made with ginger ale or some sort of lemon-lime soda, grenadine syrup, a garnish of maraschino cherries and a slice of orange.

Is Shirley Temple Still Alive 2019?

Shirley Temple Black, who as a dimpled, precocious and determined little girl in the 1930s sang and tap-danced her way to a height of Hollywood stardom and worldwide fame that no other child has reached, died on Monday night at her home in Woodside, Calif. She was 85. Her publicist, Cheryl Kagan, confirmed her death.

Did Shirley Temple have naturally curly hair?

Shirley’s hair was naturally not very curly. Before each show, her mother would put in 56 curlers to create her famous ringlets. 4. Temple’s entertainment career ended before most stars’ careers began.

Did Shirley Temple have a dog?

After filming of this movie was completed, Shirley Temple was given the Pekingese dog that had played her character’s pet dog, “Mr. Woo.” Temple renamed the dog “Ching-Ching,” after her character in the movie.